Boogie Stories – Sherri Taylor,
Calgary, Alberta

Hi there, I got an e-mail saying that you are wanting to hear stories about the Boogie.

My husband Orion and I are originally from Saskatchewan, but have lived in Calgary for the last 8 years. However, after our experience last year with family at the Boogie, we are looking forward to making the trip out to Saskatoon for this again this year and many years after. Here is my story of how I got involved in this fantastic event!

My dad was my inspiration to get active. Dad is now 64 years young and 13 years ago Dad made the decision to start running. He’s taken part in many 5K and 10K runs throughout the years, including 3 Boogies and is very diligent in his training. Over the years, I’ve watched him with envy, as I was not nearly as active as him and over half his age. In April 2010, I joined a health program and by watching my food intake, I was able to lose a considerable amount of weight. I was feeling great; however, I still hadn’t incorporated exercise into my life and I knew that if I didn’t, there was no way I’d be able to maintain this healthy lifestyle change. In early 2011, the idea of participating in the Boogie came to mind as I knew my dad had done it and had talked about it being a great event to take part in. I made the decision to take part, along with my husband, my parents, several of my siblings and their spouses and children. Training for the run was not easy, I started by doing intervals of walking and running and eventually was able to run for 30 minutes straight. I can’t say that I was enjoying running by any means, but with each run I would see improvements and feel a sense of well-being, and it would give me the drive to put on my running shoes for the next run. On June 12, 2011, there were 15 of us (aged 1 – 63) geared up to take part in the Boogie – some of us were running the 5K, some were walk-running the 5K, some were running the 2K, and some were walking the 2K while pushing a stroller of youngsters! It was such an incredible feeling to all be taking part in this event together! I recall at the start of my 5K run, as I passed the starting line, I was overwhelmed with emotion as I reminisced on how far I’d made it over the past 14 months through my journey to get healthy. I couldn’t believe I was actually taking part in a 5K run! The Boogie was the perfect event to take part in – no pressure, everyone taking part at their own pace, and such a positive atmosphere. My goal for the run was to get a time of less than 30 minutes – it wasn’t easy, but I did it. Now my family is making this a family tradition and so for 2012, we are entering as a team, getting my husband’s family involved, and we are all getting geared up to take part in the Boogie! We each have our own goals – mine is to improve my time from last year by at least 3 minutes, my husband’s is to beat my dad’s time from last year (which was a very impressive 23.38!), and even my sister who recently had a baby will take part. Whatever our goals, we are all excited to celebrate our wellness, get active, and get involved in this event together. Watch out for The Zee Team!

Here is a picture from the event, all of us at a celebration after the Boogie.

Taylor Family

Thanks, Sherri Taylor,

Calgary, Alberta

Boogie Stories – Dr. Cyril Coupal

“This will be my third Boogie. I am almost 60 and just started running two years ago.

My first race ever was the 10K in the Saskatchewan Marathon, May 2010. Although I can only say I finished that one (I will respectfully keep the time to myself) it did whet my appetite for running with others. The Boogie that year was my next commitment. I did not actually run in it but volunteered and was traffic attendant, water provider and all around general enthusiast cheering people on as they went by.

In 2011 I ran the 10K in the Saskatchewan Marathon and then the 10K in the Boogie. This time I also got my wife, who is not a runner, to walk the 2K. It was supposed to be the 5K but I clicked the wrong link (I’m web challenged you know.) The habit has been formed.

In the fall of 2011, I participated in the Las Vegas Rock Marathon. A week before the race I sprained my left Achilles tendon, but still managed to complete the ½ marathon – again I will respectfully keep the time to myself, but I did finish even with a bad tendon.

I have been hooked on running and I do it for the health benefits and sheer fun of being with people who enjoy running. The energy, happiness (both before and after the run) and just general camaraderie makes taking part in such an event worthwhile.

I run every second day alone. It is great to be out there moving, early in the morning, but it doesn’t match the energy and wellbeing you feel in a crowd of runners all having a great time. And since the Boogie is a fun run, it is a great time: People smiling, laughing, joking around, moving about, and generally enjoying life. What better activity could one possibly do? ”

Dr. Cyril M. Coupal, PhD, I.S.P., ITCP

Educational and Research Technology Services

University of Saskatchewan

Worst Pace Scenario

This may surprise people, but we’ve all got different reasons for joining our Bridge City Boogie team.

Some want to prove to themselves they can do it. Some are passionate about the charities the race supports. Some do it because running a 10k to them is no more difficult than clipping their toenails.

And then there’s me. I do it because I made the mistake of asking out a pretty blonde girl three and a half years ago.

She is the one who started the team, Worst Pace Scenario. Inspired by the success she had running, my then girlfriend and current fiancée wanted to encourage friends and family to share the feeling of accomplishment that comes with setting a goal and crossing the finish line.

I feel quite accomplished on my couch watching a baseball game, thank you very much, but unfortunately, persuasive pretty blonde girls are a weakness of mine.

Apart from my commitment, she recruited family members, friends, and friends of friends to join Worst Pace Scenario. Apparently more people than myself have a weakness for persuasive pretty blonde girls. I remember perusing team roster a few days before the race. Let’s just say that fitness fanatics didn’t cross my mind at most of the names. Yet we were fanatics for a day and 18 members of Worst Pace Scenario walked, ran, and stumbled across the finish line that year – far more than expected still with a smile on their faces.

Yet the race wasn’t the highlight of the day for some. Upon the race’s conclusion, we ate a meal that Gordon Ramsey couldn’t find fault in. A family member of a few people on the team invited our entire squad over for a post-race brunch featuring sausages, breakfast casseroles, pastries and fresh fruit. I wasn’t the only one to put back on 90% of the calories that burned off during the race. If nothing else, a morning of exercise was justification that we can still be gluttons.

Last year, we did it all over again with two important changes. One: we bookended the post-race brunch with a barbecue (our version of carb loading). Two: we met our goal to double the team size.

Participants from Calgary and Regina came for the weekend. Some of us ran or walked for the first time since last year’s Boogie. The brunch was still delicious and spirits were as high as they year before.

This year we’re doing it all over again. Like I said, we’ve all got our reasons for joining. But for most of us, the goal setting and the charity are now secondary to tradition.

Darryl Folkerson