10km Event Information

Start/Finish Area

June 9, 2013, The StarPhoenix Bridge City Boogie will take place starting and ending at Griffith Stadium.  

The Bridge City Boogie starts promptly at 8:30am but you should be there no later than 8:00am.

Course Map

2km course map

This map is an approximation of the course.

Course Description

Start on the Stadium Crescent in front of Griffiths Stadium

  • cross College Drive at Cumberland Ave and continue in the right hand lane of College Drive
  • run west down College Drive over the University Bridge
  • turn right at the end of University Bridge onto Spadina Crescent East towards the Mendel Art Gallery
  • run along Spadina Crescent North just pass the Circle Drive pedestrian walkway
  • turn right onto the Meewasin trail and continue across the Circle Drive pedestrian walkway
  • turn right at the top of the Circle Drive pedestrian walkway and continue on the Meewasin trail heading south
  • continue along the Meewasin trail, once you pass the train bridge, proceed east to Innovation Place
  • exit onto Downey Road and proceed down Research Drive
  • turn right on Preston Ave and follow it to College Drive
  • turn right on College Drive and continue West to Campus Drive
  • turn right on Campus Drive where you will immediately turn left on Campus Drive
  • continue down Campus Drive to the pedestrian overpass
  • continue along the pedestrian overpass and cross Field House Road
  • follow Field House Road back to Griffith Stadium
  • enter Griffith Stadium and finish with a lap around the track

Safety and Protocol

  • Wheelchairs being pushed and people with strollers must line up at the back of the pack.
  • NO other form of vehicle is allowed. No skateboards, bikes, rollerblades, Nordic poles, etc. will be allowed for everyone’s safety.
  • All participants are expected to follow the directions of the officials and public authorities. Road marshals will be wearing safety vests and will direct you.
  • No pets allowed on the course or in Griffith Stadium.
  • No babysitting service – we are not able to provide babysitting services for children. Please be advised that your children should not be left unattended.
  • Be sure to have fun!
  • For your safety, please be conscious of the fact you are on a roadway.
  • If you are in a team or group, please be considerate of the people behind you who may be trying to pass and move aside for them.
  • If you are attempting to pass a slower participant, please call out “passing on your left/right”.
  • Please thank the volunteers along the route.
  • DO smile as you cross the finish line, there will be photographers taking pictures

Event Parking

Parking for the event will be accommodated by various University of Saskatchewan lots including the Stadium Parkade located beside Griffith Stadium. Click here for a map that highlights parking options for event day.

Event Day Parking